Happiest employee I met in Panjim,Goa

Yesterday morning, I had to take a hopping trip to Panjim city to get an electronic part for my motorcycle, which did not have any juice flowing in to spark-plugs.
The journey was eventful and momentous, because of over-reliance on serendipity, rather than a thoughtful review of what could go wrong and what could, right? 
But then I am at this juncture in my life, that I have let serendipity rule my life and trying to live in the moment, without trying to worry too much about what could happen in future.
Though, I must confess, it is a work in progress and may take a long while, but I am on it and successfully.
As in all journeys, there is some kind of revelation, else it just remains a trip!
And it happened with me, the journey, again.I saw a very happy, perhaps the happiest employee in a very long time and in the most unlikely of places, in a small private inter-city transport bus, run by some contractor. 
And this fellow was the conductor of the bus.It was height of afternoon in the…

Not making a case for taxation of farm incomes.

TL;DR: Taxing farm income would have great economical and sociological impact and is not advisable at least, in India !

In the hinterlands of Marathwada, today morning, as the people would be scrambling with their buckets and containers to get their daily fill of water, they would have smiled, if they had a chance to look at today's daily newspapers.

Finally, after two disappointing years and causing a lot of misery, the monsoon is expected to be above normal (106%), and this has not been predicted by IMD only, but by Skymet also, which has been leading over the accurate predictions compared to the government organisation.

Hope are building for all sectors related to agriculture, but that would be such a cursive statement

Farm and allied sector account for 14% of India's GDP and 49% of the workforce is employed in agriculture. Enough for food for thought, right?

Yesterday, there was an article in business daily, "Business Standard" by Mr.Ishan Bakshi, advocating for …

Snippets - Forbes India - 15th April 2016


A new Stackexchange site on Sales

I installed Stackexchange app on my phone today.
The best way to learn anything is by making other people learn the same. I once tried learning programming by committing to make a fellow learn the same, via online medium.
I could not do so because the person in question was tied up and could not fork out the time necessary for the exercise.
One way to make people learn is to answer other people's query and doubts. Sometimes we might have the necessary answer, but many a times we might not have and shall be forced to work upon it.
So by helping others solve their query or doubts, we also learn in the process. Being in sales and distribution, I was searching for Sales  or related Stackexchange site but could not come to one, except the one on Salesforce. I was a bit surprised and now plan to propose one.
I believe there are many moments when we all have queries regarding how to develop a sales channel, grow it and augment the overall sales in process.
I believe helping each other b…

DLF Limited : Screwing India !

Hon'ble Supreme Court of India yesterday, withheld a Rs.630 Crore penalty levied on DLF Limited by Competition Commission of India.

In this case, wherein Rs.630 Crores fine has been imposed so rightly by CCI, Mr. Kushal Pal Singh and company seems to have behaved more as a Mafia Don, rather than a responsible corporate, being the largest real-estate developer of the country.
1) Cancelling allomtents 2) Forfeiting deposits 3) Deliberately obfuscating the terms of the agreements 4) Keeping the buyers in dark about the eventual size,shape,location of the apartment?
If you have watched The Godfather series, even Don Corleone was manifold just and fair and ethical in his deeds.
So what are these clauses that CCI found abusive in DLF's Belaire project agreement? There are as many as 16 of them.
•Unilateral changes can be made by the builder without the buyers' consent
•Builder has the right to change the layout plan without buyer consent
•Building can unilaterally change inter…

So you want to Startup, Go fishing first...

So you want to Startup but have no clue how the next 3 years would be like (You still cannot believe after reading innumerable blogs, including this one, that this could be so tough and still want to do it).

Go fishing on a weekend and these 2 days will tell you what your next 3 years are gonna be like (This is assuming you have never fished before)
1. So you thought it would be fun. Sorry mate !!!
2. This stuff requires effort and planning even before you start.
3. Your idea of the first perfect place to start catching tons of fishes, would be almost wrong.
4. The perfect place only be found after spending a lot of hours in the sun and with a lot of dejection.
5. Your idea of perfect place to catch fish stems from the fact that, you got one just after moving in the new place. again you are wrong, because no further ones are coming.
6. So you got another one in the same perfect place, good. But then the tide changes...
7. Waiting for the tide to change is so painful and you might almo…

Vikreyta Journey from 5th of July 2010 to 1st of September 2012

This is the short and imperfect story of our journey from 5th July 2010 to 1st of September 2012.

It has been published on some other prominent Startup websites, in an edited form.

But here we are presenting the un-edited version which was penned down in a single sitting of more than 7 hours.

We aim to continue adding stuff on this story, which shall serve as the official history of the company.

A note to Jack Dorsey-: Jack, the above photograph is taken from one of your tweets. Assuming that you would not mind this. But, if you do, please let me know, I would pull it down.