Happiest employee I met in Panjim,Goa

Certainly not the bus in which I travlled yesterday!

Yesterday morning, I had to take a hopping trip to Panjim city to get an electronic part for my motorcycle, which did not have any juice flowing in to spark-plugs.

The journey was eventful and momentous, because of over-reliance on serendipity, rather than a thoughtful review of what could go wrong and what could, right? 

But then I am at this juncture in my life, that I have let serendipity rule my life and trying to live in the moment, without trying to worry too much about what could happen in future.

Though, I must confess, it is a work in progress and may take a long while, but I am on it and successfully.

As in all journeys, there is some kind of revelation, else it just remains a trip!

And it happened with me, the journey, again.I saw a very happy, perhaps the happiest employee in a very long time and in the most unlikely of places, in a small private inter-city transport bus, run by some contractor. 

And this fellow was the conductor of the bus.It was height of afternoon in the month of May,besides the ocean and river Mandovi,filled in with heat and humidity, at just about 3PM. 

Within this short duration of may be about 15 minutes, I never saw a dull moment on his face, the usual sulking and most of the times the poker face, which you often see on any regular “employee” face.

The guy was talking to and joking with rest of the co-passengers, in a very amiable manner and was thoroughly enjoying himself, out there in the sun, hanging on the floorboard, in the sultry heat of Goa in May.

And now I believe, he was not doing it for himself, he was doing it for the fellow passengers.

The heat and humidity, specially sitting in a cramped and over-flowing bus and for many, hanging by the over-head rod, is never an ideal way to spend an afternoon, specially when you see most of the people around, zipping around on their own commute.

One can suddenly grow weary and sullen of their life, if this routine was followed day-in-and-day-out, which was certainly the case for most of the passengers. 

And this very monotony, he was trying to break, by being cheerful and happy and joking around.

And the passengers (some of whom were definitely the regulars), all near the entrance, with whom he was interacting, seemed to have a great time, laughing and smiling and really enjoying this little ride; for a while forgetting this drudgery and might be even enjoying it. 

At least for me, I believed, this short journey, could very well have lasted a few minutes more, just for that guy, and I would not have mind either the heat and humidity.

So what was that, which made this khaki wearing, probably lowly paid, in a risky and demanding job, with no perks and not even a Linkedin account to show off his prowess and customer friendly attitude;so happy about his job and enjoy it?

If it was one thing, then it was compassion and empathy for his fellow travellers. Both of which is completely lost in the brutal, make-believe and fake world of today’s corporate. 

The battle for titles,awards,bonuses and above all LIKES; have become so treacherous and onerous, that all which matters to most of the people is, how they are doing?

What further complicates the matter might be that these guys are so deep in their shit (professionally, in an unhappy place and in an unhappy job, with a not-so-happy boss himself/herself),and still cannot do anything about it; that they do not have any time left for compassion and empathy about their fellow beings.

How they would be able to save others, when they have not been able to save themselves?
And for this guy, the hero of my world, all which mattered was, how his fellow passengers were doing? And this made all the difference. 

And also, he was not in an unhappy job, a tough job, but not in an unhappy one certainly.So like someone very famous regard that there is no job superior or greater and inferior, it could be conjectured that there is not job happier or sad. 

It is all within us, how we perceive it.

In fact, in that very mini-bus itself there were the typical sad and poker faced “employees” of some other companies, clearly looking more exasperated with their current predicament than the surrounding heat and humidity and confinement to that small bus.

We have the power to change our world, with both our actions and thought; and before action comes thought, because due to them only, the actions manifest.

And hence, thought is supreme. Therefore, It should be noble. 

Perhaps the conductor was happy in that tough and ugly job, because of his noble thought of giving some respite to his fellow passengers, rather customers?

Probably his boss would still be tobacco chewing and puffing and content with counting money and giving away little; but this guy was happy because of his thought.

I believe, many of the passengers would have skipped buses and wait in the heat, just to travel in his bus. Talk about customer success?

All it needs to be a happy employee is compassion and empathy for our customers and everyone around us.


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