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Happiest employee I met in Panjim,Goa

Yesterday morning, I had to take a hopping trip to Panjim city to get an electronic part for my motorcycle, which did not have any juice flowing in to spark-plugs.
The journey was eventful and momentous, because of over-reliance on serendipity, rather than a thoughtful review of what could go wrong and what could, right? 
But then I am at this juncture in my life, that I have let serendipity rule my life and trying to live in the moment, without trying to worry too much about what could happen in future.
Though, I must confess, it is a work in progress and may take a long while, but I am on it and successfully.
As in all journeys, there is some kind of revelation, else it just remains a trip!
And it happened with me, the journey, again.I saw a very happy, perhaps the happiest employee in a very long time and in the most unlikely of places, in a small private inter-city transport bus, run by some contractor. 
And this fellow was the conductor of the bus.It was height of afternoon in the…