A new Stackexchange site on Sales

I installed Stackexchange app on my phone today.

The best way to learn anything is by making other people learn the same. I once tried learning programming by committing to make a fellow learn the same, via online medium.

I could not do so because the person in question was tied up and could not fork out the time necessary for the exercise.

One way to make people learn is to answer other people's query and doubts. Sometimes we might have the necessary answer, but many a times we might not have and shall be forced to work upon it.

So by helping others solve their query or doubts, we also learn in the process.
Being in sales and distribution, I was searching for Sales  or related Stackexchange site but could not come to one, except the one on Salesforce.
I was a bit surprised and now plan to propose one.

I believe there are many moments when we all have queries regarding how to develop a sales channel, grow it and augment the overall sales in process.

I believe helping each other by answering queries on topics related to sales would definitely help, individually all of us.

I am going to propose on Stackexchange to start a site on Sales.

It's a long process which culminates into creation of a new Stackexchange site. but "Sales" as a topic is definitely a worthy one.

After all revenue of each and every enterprise on planet is linked with Sales.

Edit: Created the new proposal in the Business category, for a site titled  "Sales" on Stackexchange.


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