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DLF Limited : Screwing India !

Hon'ble Supreme Court of India yesterday, withheld a Rs.630 Crore penalty levied on DLF Limited by Competition Commission of India.

In this case, wherein Rs.630 Crores fine has been imposed so rightly by CCI, Mr. Kushal Pal Singh and company seems to have behaved more as a Mafia Don, rather than a responsible corporate, being the largest real-estate developer of the country.
1) Cancelling allomtents 2) Forfeiting deposits 3) Deliberately obfuscating the terms of the agreements 4) Keeping the buyers in dark about the eventual size,shape,location of the apartment?
If you have watched The Godfather series, even Don Corleone was manifold just and fair and ethical in his deeds.
So what are these clauses that CCI found abusive in DLF's Belaire project agreement? There are as many as 16 of them.
•Unilateral changes can be made by the builder without the buyers' consent
•Builder has the right to change the layout plan without buyer consent
•Building can unilaterally change inter…