So you want to Startup, Go fishing first...

So you want to Startup but have no clue how the next 3 years would be like (You still cannot believe after reading innumerable blogs, including this one, that this could be so tough and still want to do it).

Go fishing on a weekend and these 2 days will tell you what your next 3 years are gonna be like (This is assuming you have never fished before)

1. So you thought it would be fun. Sorry mate !!!

2. This stuff requires effort and planning even before you start.

3. Your idea of the first perfect place to start catching tons of fishes, would be almost wrong.

4. The perfect place only be found after spending a lot of hours in the sun and with a lot of dejection.

5. Your idea of perfect place to catch fish stems from the fact that, you got one just after moving in the new place. again you are wrong, because no further ones are coming.

6. So you got another one in the same perfect place, good. But then the tide changes...

7. Waiting for the tide to change is so painful and you might almost just give it up.

8. You never have any real idea how big the catch is going to be.

9. When you see the line tightening up and you start jumping with joy at the prospect of a big catch, it could be actually a trash bag.

10. You need steady line of bait and hooks, you could have all the patience in the world, but if you run out of them, you need to go home.

11. More often than not you will run short of baits and hooks.

12. Fishes are more smarter than you initially thought.

13. Its always better to fish in at least pairs.

14. You would always gonna fight with your buddy, who is going to cast the line at "The perfect place".

15. Most often than not none of you will give up, and both of you will cast the line at the same place and you will see that lines are entangled. It will take hell lot of effort to sort out the mess.

16. Cutting the line is very painful, but sometimes it is the only option to save the rod. May be you would not realise it for the first time.

17.  You will not be sure whether to feel happy or not, that you got many small fishes.

18. It does not end with just catching the fishes.

19. You may hurt yourself.

20. You did not bring the torch, because you thought that you would finish much before dark and now it is too dark to get back to your vehicle through that 2 km log desolate patch.

21. You wake up next day and resolve that today you would definitely do much better (because of your first day experience). Sorry mate !!!

22. Previous evening where you caught 3 fishes, you start at the same place next day, half of the day is gone and you got none so far.

23. Your idea of fishing as a fun has started to vaporise...

24. You will console yourself that you do not have a boat to go into middle, where all the action is...

25. Your family and friends who know that you are gone fishing would call you 10 times to ask you the score and by the end of the second day, you will look up at the screen of your cell-phone and will exclaim WTF!!!

26. You will realise you screwed up a weekend.

27. You would consider buying up some fishes, while enroute home to cover up your failure.

28. You do not know that someone can tell the difference between fish caught by net and by a line.

29. You will suck for the rest of the coming week.

30. Next weekend, you will say, screw it, lets do it one more time.


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