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So you want to Startup, Go fishing first...

So you want to Startup but have no clue how the next 3 years would be like (You still cannot believe after reading innumerable blogs, including this one, that this could be so tough and still want to do it).

Go fishing on a weekend and these 2 days will tell you what your next 3 years are gonna be like (This is assuming you have never fished before)
1. So you thought it would be fun. Sorry mate !!!
2. This stuff requires effort and planning even before you start.
3. Your idea of the first perfect place to start catching tons of fishes, would be almost wrong.
4. The perfect place only be found after spending a lot of hours in the sun and with a lot of dejection.
5. Your idea of perfect place to catch fish stems from the fact that, you got one just after moving in the new place. again you are wrong, because no further ones are coming.
6. So you got another one in the same perfect place, good. But then the tide changes...
7. Waiting for the tide to change is so painful and you might almo…