Vikreyta Journey from 5th of July 2010 to 1st of September 2012

This is the short and imperfect story of our journey from 5th July 2010 to 1st of September 2012.

It has been published on some other prominent Startup websites, in an edited form.

But here we are presenting the un-edited version which was penned down in a single sitting of more than 7 hours.

We aim to continue adding stuff on this story, which shall serve as the official history of the company.

A note to Jack Dorsey-: Jack, the above photograph is taken from one of your tweets. Assuming that you would not mind this. But, if you do, please let me know, I would pull it down.

Hi, My name is Abhishek Rai and I am Co-Founder of Vikreyta ( .

This is the story of our journey, of more than 2 years, from 5th July 2010 to 10th September 2012, about starting a company of our own.

We are one of those guys, who first jumped out of the plane and then started building the parachute, on our way down, while death stared at us, every single moment.

Prior to 5th of July, 2010 when I started to work on this venture, I worked in different industries such as Yellow Page, Agri-chemicals, Consumers Durables, Mobile Phones, Mobile-Operator Service and Organised Retail for 10 years in Sales function.

In between I quit job once in Jan 2007 and worked as semi-entrepreneur for one year and single handed started from scratch and developed a distribution business of LCD /Plasma TVs, Digital Cameras, Flash Storage devices and Digital projectors. This venture quickly reached a business turnover of 30 lac / pm in 3 months.

Somehow, things did not work and I had to exit this venture and start doing a job again.

After 2.5 years, I again had this itch to start on my own.

Prior to that in my last company, I had lead a team of more than 400 on-roll sales people and a national business of, Rs 65 Crores annually as Profit-Centre head.

I started on 5th July 2010, along with my engineering college senior Shubhojit Biswas,(who is also an MBA and currently working with a leading FI in a senior position).

We have a very unique founder relationship. While I have been working full-time on the company from 5th of July 2010, Shubhojit is still employed with a leading FI. This unique symbiotic relationship, allowed us to survive the first 2 years of building a company.

Having worked for more than a decade in sales with small and medium retailers in diverse industries, the problem which I saw everywhere, was the lack of an affordable alternate medium, through which they can sell their un-sold inventory.

While these retailers are willing to pass-on discounts, their distributors and vendor companies are willing to pass-on discounts to them, in order to sell stuck inventory, but it does not works, because they do not have an affordable medium to reach to the customers.

During my own sales career, I have given huge discounts on Refrigerators, Mobile Phones, LCDs and still have found the inventory stuck at the retailer, because no one knew about the discounts being available at that retailer.

The advent of internet in India provided us an opportunity.

In mid-2010,we decided to build a portal which will show-case the product and their prices from local neighbourhood retailers.

The rationale behind this was that while there was no affordable medium for retailers to sell their stuck up inventory, the customers also did not have access to any utility which could tell them the best prices available at their neighbourhood retail stores.

Product which we wanted to build in July 2010, was one, in which users can search for the items, get to know the retail location from where the best price for that product was available and make purchase decision accordingly.

This was to be done by collecting the data manually through field force and publish it online.

This was audacious and somewhat foolish also, for some very obvious huge complexities involved in the entire process, but we wanted to do it as the problem which we were after was huge, with a big pain point, and there had to be some way, out of all the complexities, that everyone mentioned.

Un-fortunately, though both of us being engineers, neither myself nor Shubhojit had ever coded in our lives. I was all throughout in Sales and Distribution and he was a finance man.

When we jumped into it, we thought we can quickly develop a proto type by out-sourcing the design and development, testing it in the market, doing a soft-launch and then hire full time resources.

The out sourcing part is where everything went horribly and utterly wrong.

On 14th sept 2010,we signed an agreement with a Bombay based fairly large web-development  company .Paid them cash in advance on the same day (cash to save 12.5% service tax),a fairly large  amount.

It was supposed to be a “Time and Material” project with the monthly invoicing cycle, since we did not have any clue how the outsourcing industry works, we just fell for it.

As we wanted to get quality work done, we opted for this company which had done work for leading corporates like Mahindra and others, instead of a freelancer [FIRST MISTAKE].
After taking money, they informed that work could not start in stipulated one week time as none of their Project Manager was available. The development started on 8th October 2010.

All this while between, 8th October 2010 and 8th November 2010, this company showed us only a couple of html templates of login, sign-out, contact-form pages (that too shop lifted from some-where else).

We were wise and sane enough, in spite of being non-techies, to realise in a month’s time that this “Time & Material” and  “Agile” method is going to kaput us and if we are not “Agile” now to stop going forward for the next cycle, they would not eventually leave us with any “Material” and we will only waste “Time”.

We lost Rs.67,000 in just one month, but we acted fast and cut the losses there itself. {FIRST WISE DECISION}

We decided not to go ahead with them for the second month/cycle and then again started search for some-one who can build us our proto-type.

Through a childhood friend who once worked with Google, we got to know of a company based out of Pune, whose Directors and CEO were working earlier with top MNC and IT companies. [SECOND MISTAKE]

The entire process of explaining them the concept and sending them the ”Scope Document” and signing the contract started and took a while.

This company was going to cost us almost double the amount, with respect to the first company (again “Time&Material” method) [THIRD MISTAKE] we decided to go with them, due to our Google Friend. There was no way, not to trust his opinion. We thought we were in safe hands.

This company started work on 16th December 2010.

When I had quit my job on 5th July 2010, I thought that give and take 3 months; I would have at least a working proto-type ready to test in the market.

Now even after 6 months I had nothing to show.

In between, the vacuum created by loss of friends after quitting job (my entire social circle were my colleagues) and the absolute repugnance from my parents of my decision did not help either.
 I lapsed into depression for few days, but thankfully overcame it on my own.

After the work started, the 2nd time on Pricesticker (That’s what we decided the name the app that time),the developer who was assigned to work, used to always tell me on messenger that everything is going fine and work is on schedule. During my occasional chat with COO of that development company, she also used to say that she is looking after the progress and it is doing fine.

A couple of times when I used to ask the developer to show the progress, he used to send me the link of the local hosted repository of code, which I could not understand.

 Now after tinkering a bit with programming, I know that, those were the basic configurations of app, which happen automatically when you create a new app installation with Django.

Surprisingly even after one month this company of gorgeous engineers charging me 1.2 lac/month + taxes had nothing to show me, which can work.

Oh, I am sorry; I forgot to mention that Pricesticker was being coded in Python during Dec 2010-Feb 2011. [FOURTH MISTAKE]

We were rookies and had no idea of programming languages, or a person who could help us in web development planning, except this friend of mine, who was super engineer and at one point of time was employed with Google.

He suggested Python as the language to us, and then after a bit of goggling we were excited to find out that, we would be using the same language which is at the heart of Google and NASA. We did not even blink twice before agreeing to it.

Actually, people can be so naïve.

Near about 20th of December 2010 we received another bolt from this Pune based development company that they only do server side programming and all the client-side work and designing needs to get done by some designer who should also give us the HTML/CSS.

Since the first company with whom we worked was doing everything, including the designing, HTML and CSS, we thought that this is the way it is done and did not even bother to ask about the designing part. [FIFTH MISTAKE]

Surprisingly, my dear ex-google friend never mentioned this aspect while recommending this company to us, nor the company told us this when we were under talks for this project.

Anyways, we decided that Pricesticker being coded in Python by a team of super skilled engineers, also need a super cool design.

Now, the hunt began for a designer. This Pune based Development Company introduced us to a designer working at a top MNC, who also used to freelance.

Apparently, we were told that designers typically charge twice the amount of developers.

While this guy, quickly showed us some design, it was way too obscure and cluttered for the product we had in mind, we decided not to go ahead with this freelancer. [SECOND WISE DECISION]

We fell back again on this good google friend of mine for advice regarding a good designer, he gave us the reference to a Mumbai based Design Company with engineers from IIT-Mumbai Design School. [SIXTH MISTAKE]

Third time in 6 months, we again started the negotiations, discussion, sending emails to-and-fro.

All this in vain hope that this was the last time we are doing this, at least for the proto-type.

This Mumbai based design company agreed to deliver the project in 30 days starting from 4th Jan 2011.They also, after negotiation and bargaining, reduced the asking the price to one-third.

They asked half of this large amount in advance, which we paid.

When I’d quit on 5th July 2010, and told my decision to parents, I told them that I would give myself 6 months at this attempt and if nothing comes forward in these 6 months, I would start Job-hunting again and make effort to settle down in the traditional manner,that is getting married (I am a bachelor, as on this document date).

Here, January 2011 closed and I was now here. The 6 months deadline passed.

Anyways, we decided to keep the faith.

We thought that we would get the designs by 4th Feb 2011 and the two months which we budgeted for code development would end on 16th Feb 2011.

We were optimistic that, on 17th Feb 2011 we would have something running and working on www, which we could call our own.

Thankfully, at that time we did not know that this dream of ours would be fulfilled exactly one year later.

Had we known that, we would have called it quit in mid of Feb 2011 itself.

After bearing failure for 8 months, the thought to continue to bear it for another coming 12 months, itself would have been enough to break us.

The design company was quick to start and showed us some nice templates, after discussion on the same and additions/refinement we principally agreed on one of the design.

These photo-shop images of the design, in late Jan 2011 were the first tangible objects we saw regarding the product in last 7 months, after spending considerable amount of money.

At the same time we decided to do the first change in product, the name.

Competition was quickly catching up and by then there were already a couple of local price discovery engine online with the word “Price” in their name.

Though we were far behind from launch, we decided to change the name of the product from “Pricesticker” to “Kreyta” , which in Hindi means “customer/buyer”.

Later, we would register our company as”Pricesticker Online Media Pvt Ltd”,  we had sentimental reasons to do that.

Through mid-Jan and mid-Feb of 2011,we were in touch with both development company and the design company through various means and were being repeatedly assured of the good progress of the work.

But we were getting edgy with the work at the development company because as far as the design company was concerned, at least, we were shown the photo shop images of the design.

There was not even a little to comfort us on the development part.

All this while, my good friend was not available on messenger/email, he was like completely vanished (he is based out of US).

We were now completely in dark and on our own.

As the deadline of 16th Feb 2011 loomed of the second month completion of the development work in the “Time & Material” module, a couple of days earlier than the deadline, I asked the COO of the company to stop development work.

The reason was that we had budgeted for only two months/cycle development.

The dear ex-google friend of mine had said that, at max this would take 2 months of work for this great bunch of experienced engineers at this company.

We had thought, before signing the contract with this development company that my dear friend is telling us that it would take only 2 months for completion, because he has already discussed it with them. [SEVENTH MISTAKE]

Earlier, we had discussed every scope of work and shared the entire scope document with this friend of mine.

The friend of mine was ex-colleagues of these development company guys and good friend too. He was the first guy to discuss the project with these development guys.

Later, to my horrific shock the COO of this development company, flatly denied that there was no such discussion between the two and she thought that this was a standard “Time & Material” project.

I asked the development company that whatever code they have finished during these two months; they just mash-up with the design and help us taking it up online.

Now the wait started for the design and HTML/CSS to arrive from the design company.

So on 17th Feb 2011 morning, we had neither the design nor the code in our hand, let alone the product.

8 months had passed and we were still empty-handed.

In every email and conversation, with which we followed up with the design company, they said it would take another 10 days work, and after 10 days it would get repeated.

When we signed up with this Mumbai based Design Company we felt like that we have executed a coup of our entrepreneurial journey.

We got this company to reduce the price by one third, while still agreeing to all the works and we had to pay only half amount as advance (Earlier with Mumbai based development company, we paid the amount of a cycle’s development as advance).

Later, we realised that, it was actually a coup executed by the Design Company on us.

Things were very frustrating, lonely and sad.

By mid-March 2012 the friends and family were asking about the product, as we had enthusiastically told everyone that we would be online by mid Feb 2011, 8 months after we started.

When I quit on 5th July 2010, I was due for promotion in my earlier organisation. All interviews, reviews were completed. I was cleared through central HR of the organisation and was awaiting official communication.

After about a months’ time I quit, the rest of the guys got the official document, the arrears and the jump in their salary.

I was feeling like shit and the biggest fool on the planet.

Whole March and April of 2011 just went by, calling and following the design company.

Finally, after being a good guy for months, and trying to do the things amicably, one evening, in late April 2011, I shot a very angry email citing the agreement clauses to the design company.

I asked the company that agreement was now null and void and they should return me the advance amount and stop work on the project. This did the trick and in about

7 days I had HTML/CSS. I wish, I would have done that long back. [EIGHTH MISTAKE]

In fact the designer agreed to build a couple of more pages which he earlier had denied and do the complete implementation.

I introduced the design and Development Company together and it seemed, finally we can see something out of (As mentioned earlier, the name was changed of the product from Pricesticker).

Sometimes, during mid –May 2011 was online (I don’t remember the date because we were not at all excited ,as we knew that our baby was retarded and not going to live long).

And we were perfectly true about it.

So while stuff was online, hardly anything worked, either on the client part or on the server.

And then during the later half of May 2011, began the frustrating chain of emails with the development company.

All these emails and chat conversation ended from the development company with three words “out of scope”.

When I had send my PDF document, containing the scope of work, to them in late November 2010, they agreed to everything.

Our mis-fortune that we did not included that “Scope of work” document in the agreement. [NINTH MISTAKE]

Something inside me wanted to kill them all…

All this while, my dear ex-google friend was still incommunicado.

We were devastated, to say the least.

Finally, I could not take it anymore and told the development company ”Ok,thanks. You Win !”

Exactly 2 days after that, on www showed apache server error and the retarded baby died.

My expenses of living alone at Bombay were not helping. Also both professionally and personally, it was not making sense.

All the friends were busy and in fact, I was now too ashamed to go and talk. As I knew, all of them would ask only one standard question…

Late May 2011, I decided to leave my dear city of 8.5 years, Bombay and shifted to Pune at my parents place. [THIRD WISE DECISION]

The objective was to slow down the burn-rate and try to find out some freelance engineer who can put us back online, with the code and design which we already had on server.

Also during this course I started tinkering with programming so that I can understand  bits and pieces of stuff.

With so much rejection all through this while, it was difficult to concentrate on learning programming. Thoughts always used to go back to what will happen?

On 28th of May 2011,I shifted to Pune, to start things afresh again.

 Any Python engineer, I can find on startup groups, forums and twitter; I would write to and fix up appointment for meeting. Would run them through the product and solicit paid technical help which I needed.

We never asked for FREE technical work from anyone.

In June 2011,I managed to meet few guys who were good engineers.  Someone agreed but then backed out, some refused citing the professional change in near future .Someone wanted to be paid USD 50/hr for work, having no idea how long it will take.

 We would get optimistic before the start of every meeting and will come crashing down after it.

These meetings in Café and Restaurants also cost us money, apart from emotions.

We were getting dejected, every single time…

And then proverbially we decided to “Pivot” as they say in this world.

Competition was now, way ahead and our dream of building a local price search engine was almost over.

There were some very experienced engineers who were already online and were funded by now.

From the start of 2011 the deal sites were in vogue and were doing great business (that’s what we read).

In India, the deal sites were doing business primarily with manufacturers and wholesalers and not with local small retailers.

We discussed and decided to build a prototype which would show-case the deals from local small retailers (without any commerce activity inbuilt).

The thought-process remained the same that we would collect the data from field-force and publish it online; the user can see the relevant entries and base their purchase decision on the same. We would make money by charging retailers a subscription for the deal posts.

We decided to junk the code and design (it still resides on our server though) and build a very simple prototype and fast and cheap, so that we can move with it in the market and test it. [FOURTH WISE DECISION]

We did three things :-

  *Switched from Python to PHP.

  *Changed the name of product to “Vikreyta” which means “Retailer” in Hindi. {No one seemed to identify with the name Kreyta. While Vikreyta, almost everyone understands, specifically there was a strong connect with our customer, the retailers. It was for them, after all}

  *And decided to work with a freelancer, instead of a development company.

In late June 2011, on one of Google groups related to startups, I learnt of a PHP freelancer in Pune.

I met him the very next day, discussed our minimal requirement and the price.

This guy said, pay me only after the product is completed and asked for only 17% of the amount, which we paid to the Pune based development company for one month/cycle development.

This guy in fact later also gave us almost 3 months of credit.

The work started bang at 0000 hrs. of the day before which we confirmed on email the terms and conditions.

No one was ever so interactive and prompt.

We had a URL to track the progress of Vikreyta.

We were just dying to go out in the market with the proto and test it with retailers.

In between, 5th of July 2011 came and went away, one year and we were still empty-handed.

Vikreyta (now went online at the mid-night of 28th July 2011.

I myself put it on the server. By this time I had learned a bit of stuff.

It still took us sometime to remove the bugs and test it, even though it was very minimal. We hassled over a lot of small things, and wasted time. We could have gone out much earlier. It was not needed.  [TENTH MISTAKE]

I scoured the local market in Pune, clicked the Photographs of deals being offered by various merchants and put them online on the site for testing.

We started showing the so called MVP to people and explaining them the product and our vision. The product was actually very dull and shitty, but they did not knew that, it was all that which we could manage in more than a year, and we did not give up.

People were bewildered on seeing that shit, which is currently online on

The rejections of this product hit another round of depression to me specially the everyday worsening circumstances at home and intense pressure, to get a regular job and get married.

I was almost on the verge of giving up.

Also in July 2011 we started our incorporation process. This first process failed because of my depression as submission of two docs got delayed.

Incorporation failed, but we got the name of the company ”Pricesticker Online Media Private Limited” registered and also our DIN (Director Identification Number).

I once again managed to pull out of this depression, and on 5th October 2011(sadly the same day, on which Steve died. Though we did not know that, until next morning due to 12 hours’ time difference) I went out in the market to demo and pitch the product to retailers.

I signed up 5 merchant on the very same day, came back and put their data online.

The single most valuable feedback we received from a very small retailer was that on, there was no way, they can sell their inventory and complete a transaction.

This hit like a hammer to us.

There was this small time merchant, who has probably not even completed his schooling, but who wanted to sell products of his store on web.

We decided to pivot for the second time in our short entrepreneurial lives. This was 12th of October 2011.

We decided to scrap and build afresh, a simple web retail portal on which small retailers can sell their merchandise. [FIFTH WISE DECISION]

The thought process was to make it very convenient for even the smallest of the retailer and merchant to be part of www revolution.

We decided to do it in this way -:
1.    Collect inventory details from retailer through field force.
2.    Publish the inventory details on Vikreyta.
3.    Buy the product from retailer, once the order arrives from the user.
4.    Pay cash up front to the retailer for the product we bought from him.
5.    Deliver to the ordered product to the customer and collect cash.

Now the billon dollars question came again, whom to approach for development.

In October 2011, I joined a weekend only, one month PHP development course, which was aimed for fresher like me. [SIXTH WISE DECISION]

I wanted to learn enough of PHP, so that I can at least do routine maintenance and hygiene work on the site. And this time, I wanted to do the class-room way as this way I would be more disciplined and would not get distracted by everything happening/ not-happening around me.

Also, I wanted to learn enough of the programming part, so that I can effectively judge the cost and time parameters of development, quoted by others, so that we do not get fooled again.                       

This course was run by two engineers who had completed their degree from one of the top colleges of India, and worked with top IT company for few years and then decided to start on their own, imparting training and doing web development.

We did approach the freelancer who built but he did not sounded enthusiastic as I guess, he was bewildered why we wanted to jump ship, after just finishing something. Probably he thought, we were crazy and non-serious.

While taking this PHP class I not only learned about PHP programming, but also I was able to analyse the level of expertise of these guys and their knowledge of the subject. While doing the course I never told them about the product, or my botched up history of last 15 months.

Once the course was finished, around mid of November 2011, we decided to approach them.

By this time, I knew very well, what amount of time and effort would require for these guys to complete the project.

So since our handicap was gone, we were able to negotiate the best from these guys, both in terms of “time and material” :-}

They agreed to build the project at the same cost as and only in flat 7 days.

These guys at that time were a bit tied up, finishing one of their existing project as they were only 2 member team.

We started discussing scope, structure, data model and finalising everything.

Shipping of code started on 2nd Jan 2012 and on 9th Jan 2012 we had the new Vikreyta for testing.

Testing, iterating, bug-fixes and doing a bit of modification based on some feedback, took some time and the present went alive on 12th of Feb 2012.

It was one hell of a journey from 5th of July 2010 to 12 of Feb 2012.

We were happy but we did not celebrate. By then our excitement had fizzled out, for us it was now, just a mile-stone.

We put the links of the new app on Facebook and tweeted a bit, as we had to show that we have now something reasonable.

The first feedbacks were very encouraging compared to the and that definitely made us feel better.

Immediately, I went out into the market, signing up retailers, collecting their inventory and putting products online.

There I was, working in the market selling and also putting up the data online, doing minor bug-fixing and sys-admin job, all in a day’s work.

Since,12th Feb 2012 to till date, we have made more than 117 minor changes and  iterations/enhancement to the product.

After signing 50 retailers myself and validating the problem and its solution in the market we decided to hire additional resource.

Now, we wanted to test ourselves on the biggest challenge. Can we sell our dream and company to prospective hires and employees? And we did not waste any time doing that, as we knew that this would be as tough as it was for us, building a working product. And if we had to fail at this, we just wanted to fail very fast. [SEVENTH WISE DECISION]

In the meanwhile, we got completed the incorporation process of our company and were issued the certificate on 12th of March, 2012.

Beginning April 2012, We wrote and spoke to many B-schools in Pune for internship and permanent position vacancy in our organisation.

We went to campuses and tried to sell our product to prospective employees.

At one tier-two B-school, we pitched twice, took interviews and hired 3 paid interns to work with us for 2 months. [EIGHTH WISE DECISION]

I trained and coached these guys and they did a tremendous job by signing up more than 250 merchants in less than a month and putting more than 4400 unique inventory products online.

This allowed us to quickly validate that we can train people effectively, who can go out in the market and sell the product.

As of now, we have about 300 merchants and neighbourhood retailers of Pune , signed up with us, from very diverse categories. And many of them, still contact the interns on regular basis over phone, enquiring the progress of Vikreyta.

We decided to start and focus on Grocery and Household items to begin with.

Grocery, though the biggest opportunity in web-retail, no-one has found the recipe yet.

We tried to search and introspect the reasons for it.

Grocery could not be successful in the traditional web-retail way, because grocery needs are sensible needs. Most of the time, if you require grocery, you require it as quickly as possible.

Also we thought that, we cannot be “Your friendly neighbourhood retailer” until we crack this delivery conundrum.

A friendly neighbourhood retailer, after all has the product and delivers super quick.

So we worked on, to be super-quick in delivery and change the paradigm. [NINTH WISE DECISION]

This was not entirely our invention. We wrote to one of the biggest VC Funds of the world, when we launched in Feb 2012. And one very kind gentlemen from this capital fund, wrote to us the same day and gave us this advice, that working with small merchants, we should focus on being quick, rather than on being cheap.

I was able to relate to this advice very well, because all through my sales career, I have personally seen that anyone who touts to be the cheapest, does not survive for long.

We implemented the advice of this kind gentleman, the very same day and changed our proposition.

On 12th Feb 2012 our pitch was “Pune buy product from your favourite neighbourhood store”.

In April 2012 it changed to “Pune get the product delivered at your door-step in 24 hours”.

In late June 2012 our pitch changed to “Pune get grocery delivered within two hours”.

And we were crazy enough to do that, without being having even a single full-time employee. I was the single full-time resource and from Feb 2012 to Sept 2012, I myself did delivery of all the orders that came through.

Though we had 3 interns for two months period, but still even during those times, they were not put on the logistics task.

We want to be the single biggest ware-house in every city we operate, composed off thousands of small ware-houses, distributed all across the city.

We want to become the single largest retailer in the country without owing a single ware-house.

Though, we have started with Grocery primarily, but eventually and slowly we would sell and deliver almost everything sold by a neighbourhood retailer, in flat 2 hours (We want to reduce it to 1 hour).

Majority of our energies have been focussed on recruitment, since 6th of July 2012.

This was the day when the interns left the company.

We were not successful in hiring anyone for full-time position during April – August 2012, sometime due to higher aspirations of candidate and sometimes because we approached the campuses too late. And sometime, people did not just turn up even after accepting the offer.

We have a small place in a shared-rental commercial place, as office. Even our desktop computers are hired on rental basis.

The first permanent hire of our company, joined us on 1st September 2012.

In fact, there is a story to our first hire also. Sandip, our first hire, confirmed to our offer-letter that he would be joining and we were glad. I sent him a reply, detailing the documents he has to bring, to complete the joining formalities. To this email, there was no reply. We got a bit edgy. The evening before, I sent him a text message, reminding of my email and the documents he has to bring for joining. There was again no reply. We thought, that this guy is also not going to join.

Sandip was supposed to come at 0930 hrs to our office. By 0935 hrs, he was not there. I sent a text message to Shubhojit, saying that Sandip has not yet arrived and it seems he changed his mind. And as I hit the “Sent” button, there he came climbing the stair-case.

A couple of days later, Sandip told me that his family members were wondering, that what kind of company you have joined, where you are the first employee?

At present we have 3 full-time employees in operations, and 3 more joining before end of September 2012. 

Presently, our orders have come through pure organic traffic and we have not done any consumer marketing stuff, not even basic SEO (evident from our Alexa ranking).
We first wanted to create a bare minimum infrastructure which could handle the orders, before we go and paint the town red.

We are soon going to start soft promoting us on free medium, now that we have some infrastructure. Most of our promotion and marketing stuff would be focussed on BTL and we have some exciting plans for it.


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