Our HQ - Vikreyta shifted to its own office.

Since we started on 5th of July 2010, on this journey, we have been working from home,coffee shop and shared office.

All this while we changed 3 shared offices, in Bombay and Pune.

We upped the hiring in September 2012 and by 4th October 2012, we are now 7 member strong team.

The space at our last shared office was proving awfully in-adequate for even 5 persons and before 2 more members join, we had to rush to hunt and find good enough space to accommodate at least 10-12 people.

We had some primary things in mind, while hunting for the new office location-:

1. Central location in Pune, very good connectivity by road/train both from the employee conveyance as well as from logistics purpose.

2. At least a couple of small rooms to spare for meeting and visitors.

3. A good coffee shop nearby for meetings which require out of office atmosphere.

4. Snacks/Food outlets nearby to quench the hunger.

Luckily, we found a place in very short time, which fulfilled all these criteria and now serves as our HQ.

Our new HQ address is F-3, Parmar Trade Centre, Sadhu Vaswani Chowk,Camp, Pune - 411001.

We shifted at our HQ on 1st of October 2012. After cleaning exercising,brief religious ceremony and sweets distribution, we started the new leg of our journey.

Located in the heart of the city, with 5 mins walk away from the Pune Railway Station and Pune Station State Transport Bus Stand. The local city bus service terminal is also just a stone throw away.

We are also only 5 mins away from the shopping hub of city, MG Road.

Couple of good Coffee shops are just a walk away and besides one of the mall, one full lane of street-food vendors are lines up, with amazing variety of snacks for hunger pangs.

In our new HQ, we have a very small reception area, and two cabins, along with a small pantry area on the ground floor.

One the mezzanine floor we have our work floor where everyone sits. We have named it "Mission Control", you can say inspired partly by NASA and for the fact that, for us, what we are doing is a mission, than anything else.

Our conference rooms are named "Champa" and "Chameli" over the two Indian flowers. We tried making an effort for naming those cabins, on rivers/oceans/mountains/scientists but then consensus seeming very far and the stuff taking a lot of time to decide, we just name them "Champa" and Chameli". 

We had to struggle with internet connection for first couple of days, but we got it installed a couple of days back.

Pantry is still empty, except a water decanter, but we will deck it up in the times to come.

This has been a big mile-stone for us, and we hope that we grow from here...


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