A Startup fulfills its promise after 22 months - Vikreyta

On 26th November 2010, we initiated a survey on Twitter,Facebook and some other networks regarding our Startup.

We started on 5th of July 2010, and till 26th of November 2010, we had not a single validation from the user/consumer side, that what we were building is a useful and desired thing (Yes we jumped into it, just like that). It was just in our minds.

What we were then trying to build was a local price discovery engine, which gives you the prices of the products from the local neighbourhood stores. And that too when none of us had a technical background, and we live in India.

Since then we have pivoted to web retail, becoming a market place for Mom-N-Pop retailers of India, (Vikreyta) but that's what we wanted to do first .

As part of the survey, we promised that we will pick-out a lottery of 4 persons and shall give them a shopping voucher of one of the largest retailer of India, as a token of our appreciation.

207 persons responded to our survey and an over-whelming majority of persons responded building a local price discovery engine is a good idea (Even in India).

At today's exchange rates, the value of a single voucher is USD 9.5.

And it took us more than 22 months to fulfill our promise.

It was never about money, because all this while, we were spending money on building company and product.

At the hindsight we feel that it is being in a happy state of mind, while sending gift to someone. We were never in that frame of mind for a long long time.

In fact all this while, we were even ashamed of sending those gifts, so as if any one of those 4 person God forbid ask us, what is the status of the product/company, we had simply nothing to tell.

But it was always at the back of our mind and it was a burden, even though I am sure that all those 4 winners would have forgotten about it. After all, it is as good as a broken promise, if you cannot fulfill it in 22 months.

So here, after 22 months, we are finally fulfilling our promise and sending the gift vouchers to 3 of the winners (We have not heard from the 4th gentleman).

My sincere apologies again to Amit S, Amit K, and Shreya.

Thanks for bearing with us...


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