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Get It In 2 . . .

In the endeavour to make your everyday shopping hassle-free and super quick, Today we have launched a new service - Get It In 2, taking a step further in becoming your favourite neighbourhood retailer.

If you order grocery with us, we shall get it delivered at your door-step in 2 hours flat. And there are no additional/hidden charges for delivery. Delivery is absolutely free.

And the best part, we will deliver your order as early as by 0800 hrs (8AM).

So, even if you forgot to buy milk for breakfast and realised it late at night or after you woke up, we will deliver it, by the time you are ready to have your breakfast.

Orders can be placed between 0600 hrs(6AM) and 1800 hrs(6PM) on all weekdays ie Monday to Friday. 

For the orders placed between 1800 hrs(6PM) and 0600 hrs(6AM), we will deliver it next day, by 0800 hrs(8AM).

If you are looking for some grocery items, which you cannot find in our inventory you can write to us at - ""  and we will source the prod…