Changing the Status-Quo of interview process !!!

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Current interview process in many of the companies is heavily tilted towards the organisation conductinng the recruitment, than the prospective hire!

The process is conducted in such a manner, which gives a feel to the prospective hire, that she/he needs the organisation more than the other way around.

Truth is ,in today's competitive world where the single most decisive factor which can make or break an organisation, is its human resource. You need to attract and retain the best of the talent, and the best of the talent have no dearth of opportunities.

While this fact is recognised in sub-conscious, no tangible effect is being made apart from few companies, to make, the interview process; less intimadating, less un-friendly and non-alien. Obviously, it differs in case of aggressively poached top hires, but in 99% of the cases, the status-quo remainsas such.

At Vikreyta, we believe that "culture" of the organisation does not start when an employee starts the on-boarding process, but right from the moment she/he enters the office of the organisation for the interview.

Nobody switches job, if she/he is satisfied with the current set-up. The motivations to switch to a different job may differ, it could be new exciting challenge, hunger for growth, money, learning opportunity or status.

But the fact that a gal/guy has opted to switch, then it means she/he is dis-satisfied and a bit hassled. And the current interview process across many organisations, make no effect to de-hassle the prospective hire, while going through the interview process.

 So we made some changes in our interview process at Vikreyta-:

1. At Vikreyta we made it a point that when the prospective hire arrives at the office, the interviewer would meet her/him first, and usher in, make her/him comfortable, and would spend about 10 minutes talking as a friend, off-the-records, so as to make her/him comfortable.

2. At Vikreyta, we arrange snack for the interview candidates, as many a times one has to travel considerable distance for the interviews. Refreshments would make the prospective hire a bit easy and help her/him to settle in the atmosphere.
The belief is that even a prospective hire should be treated in the same manner, we treat a guest at home.

3. Many a times when the interview stretches long, the prospective hire can get hassled and intimidated by the whole atmosphere. We give an option to the prospective hire, of a small break, where she/he can catch up with the snacks and re-collect the thoughts, gather breath and resume.

4. Last but not the least, we decided to give a small gift and a personal hand-written "Thank You" card from the founder to each of the prospective hire, as a token of gratitude for being part of the entire recruitment process, and spending their precious time with us.

This may not be the right or doable way for everyone, but at Vikreyta we believe that something is broken in the entire interview process while recruiting, and in our own small and meandering way we are trying to fix it.

 We would keep on working at it...


  1. I really like your approach and appreciate it :)

    All the Best for the future :).


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