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Changing the Status-Quo of interview process !!!

Hi !!!

Current interview process in many of the companies is heavily tilted towards the organisation conductinng the recruitment, than the prospective hire!

The process is conducted in such a manner, which gives a feel to the prospective hire, that she/he needs the organisation more than the other way around.

Truth is ,in today's competitive world where the single most decisive factor which can make or break an organisation, is its human resource. You need to attract and retain the best of the talent, and the best of the talent have no dearth of opportunities.

While this fact is recognised in sub-conscious, no tangible effect is being made apart from few companies, to make, the interview process; less intimadating, less un-friendly and non-alien. Obviously, it differs in case of aggressively poached top hires, but in 99% of the cases, the status-quo remainsas such.

At Vikreyta, we believe that "culture" of the organisation does not start when an employee starts the on-boardi…