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Your Order is not just a package for us...

Being experienced the retail trade first hand, both in organised and un-organised one, we know the significance of every customer's order and what it holds for her/him.
We have incorporated the same philosophy in our operations, so your order is not just a mere package to be delivered. It's a whole gamut of emotions for us.
And the emotions need to be delivered with extra care, and more often than not, you need to go some extra distance to manage that.
We do not run, deliver the package, get the acknowledgement and move away.
Just like your neighbourhood retailer, we are there for you, in case you want to check the package.We are there, even if you want us to give a small working demo of the product and help you understand it.
We do not leave, until you are happy with your purchase at .
Our job does not finish with the receipt acknowledgement  from you. Seeing you satisfied with the product, is what makes the entire product purchase cycle complete for us.
So …