As Bob Dylan once sang, "Times are a changing", it has never been so true. 

Over the years commerce has changed tremendously in India and in last couple of years specifically, the transformation has been led by technology, or to be precise, web technology.

As of today, there is virtually nothing that you cant buy online, in India.

With a large part of commerce showing a drift towards online, it is now more important than ever for the neighbourhood retailers and merchants to have an online presence.

Neighbourhood merchants and retailers who have thrived over the years on service and relationship with their customers are suddenly facing competition from the convenience of buying online and almost spoiling choice of inventory over the web.

In order to compete in these changing times, they must go where the action is - ie Online.

Vikreyta is a web retailer that enables shoppers to buy online from their trusted and favourite neighbourhood retailers in a hassle-free manner. We are exposing the inventory and prices of products of neighbourhood merchants and retailers to their present and prospective customers.

Small businesses like neighbourhood retailers are always looking for new ways to increase their customer base which does not pinch their pocket and profitability and with Vikreyta, retailers have an opportunity to reach today's shoppers who are increasingly buying online, with each passing day.

With Vikreyta, the retailers can get started free, easy and instantly provide them the increased level of visibility to consumers through web.


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