Alpha Online !!!


We are happy to say that we went "Alpha Online" on 12th February 2012.

One historical fact, which we just happened to stumble upon, day before yesterday itself, Abraham Lincoln who is the epitome of the "Never Ever Quit" spirit was born on the same day in 1809.

He has been and now, shall more so, would be our inspiration in the times to come.

The first set of inventory of more than 140 different inventory units from more than 35 retailers of Pune is now available for your shopping.

In the meanwhile, we are still working on to fix the various bugs which are being reported by some wonderful people of this planet , and in fact shipped a few new patches about a hour back or so.

You can stay updated on our facebook and twitter account on whats going on at our HQs.

There is never enough, and thats why we always say, Thank You!




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