Version 2.0 of the MVP is under development


The work on the version 2.0 of the MVP is under development in full-swing and we hope to complete it in a month's time.

We are developing it on PHP-CakePhp, the decision to use a framework was to get ahead quickly and also to use a framework so that optimizations are easy in time aheads.

Experimenting with UX and UI often is somethinf which we are going to do, based on the feedback from market, as well as users, and using a framework will be advantageous in that case.

The version 2.0 of the MVP is a complete radical shift in terms of product and we are taking the whole thing 10X in terms of functionality, both for our customers as well as the user.

With regard to our business model also, this will help us as it de-complicates a lot of thing, and makes everything very simple.

We would keep you updated on the progress.



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