What got us started...

For the Founder and the Co-Founder the common problem of finding across, what is happening in the retail scene around their neighbourhood, got them started.

The Founder has an extensive sales experience of more than a decade across different verticals and industries and has been closely working with small and medium retailers and interacting with their customers, throughout his career.

During a stint of more than 2.5 years with a retail major, he has been directly servicing the customer at the shop-floor, day-in and day-out and trying to make out the consumer psychology.

So even when these traditional retailers have something exciting and novel to offer, they lack the resources of big players to reach out to their customers and in turn could not cash on the opportunity available.

For the consumers, something exciting is available right in their neighbourhood, but they have no clue of that and by-pass something available near to them for something which they have to go more than an extra mile.

So many times, while passing a neighbourhood retail street,  dint you wonder, only if you could knew, whats new and exciting available at the stores, without checking all of them?

Well you can say, this was a problem experienced both at the client side and the server side :)

Something needed to be done for this and thats how Vikreyta was born...


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