95% of shopping happens at small and medium retailers in India

You can get enamored by the full-page adverts from the large retail chains and hypermarts on the weekends, but truth of the matter is that, still 95% of the shopping in India happens at the small and medium retailers.

There are over 12 million small and medium retailers in India according to one of the popular surveys done in recent past, and if you translate the same into value,  over USD 400 Billion of commerce happening at these retailers, 95% of India's total retail industry.
But if there are so many traditional retailers doing such an astronomical value of business, how do we seek and search relevant information about their offerings?

This is the problem we are trying to solve at Vikreyta.

Via internet, we want to present you information, collected and organised from the retailers in your neighborhood, which helps you make your mind about, what to buy and where to buy...


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