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Test 1-2-3...

For next few days, we shall be putting away the bugs gently away from our product to where they belong, in thw wild.

During the gardening process, you might experience some trouble in getting to know our product and hence kindly bear with us.

Since we shall be doing an extensive testing of the product during gardening, we will use some of the old data we gathered during our research, which may or may not be still relevant today. We request you to kindly validate the same with the retailer before making a purchase decision.

Gardening shall be over soon and we will intimate you through our blog, facebook and twitter account, when we start presenting mint-fresh data for your consumption.

What got us started...

For the Founder and the Co-Founder the common problem of finding across, what is happening in the retail scene around their neighbourhood, got them started.

The Founder has an extensive sales experience of more than a decade across different verticals and industries and has been closely working with small and medium retailers and interacting with their customers, throughout his career.

During a stint of more than 2.5 years with a retail major, he has been directly servicing the customer at the shop-floor, day-in and day-out and trying to make out the consumer psychology.

So even when these traditional retailers have something exciting and novel to offer, they lack the resources of big players to reach out to their customers and in turn could not cash on the opportunity available.

For the consumers, something exciting is available right in their neighbourhood, but they have no clue of that and by-pass something available near to them for something which they have to go more than an ex…

95% of shopping happens at small and medium retailers in India

You can get enamored by the full-page adverts from the large retail chains and hypermarts on the weekends, but truth of the matter is that, still 95% of the shopping in India happens at the small and medium retailers.

There are over 12 million small and medium retailers in India according to one of the popular surveys done in recent past, and if you translate the same into value,  over USD 400 Billion of commerce happening at these retailers, 95% of India's total retail industry.
But if there are so many traditional retailers doing such an astronomical value of business, how do we seek and search relevant information about their offerings?

This is the problem we are trying to solve at Vikreyta.

Via internet, we want to present you information, collected and organised from the retailers in your neighborhood, which helps you make your mind about, what to buy and where to buy...